Tornedalica Special

-From forest to tabel

Who & what are we?

-A small family owned company, with our roots deeply planted in the forest and rivers of the Torne valley.

Our goal is to provide eco frindly and local produced ingredients directly to the table.

We provide fish, meat, wildfowl and berries. Everyone is welcome to contact us, companies as private.

// Urban & Karl-Åke Nykäinen with family

The taste of Swedish Lapland

The fish of Swedish Lapland


Fishing is something we grew up with, going out with boats when checking the nets.

Fish dishes is a big part of our local origin, below you'll find what we offer.



Gravad Lax 259,-/Kg.


The meat & wildfowl of Swedish Lapland


Beeing from the Tornevalley, hunting has always been a key factor in getting the familys meat supply, collected before the winter. The meat is all from game, which means they lived their life in the forest of Swedish Lapland.


Reindeer meat/Renkött

Steak b.free/Renstek b.fri 259,-/kg.

Sirloin/Renytterfilé 395,-/kg.

Filé/Renfilé 395,-/kg.

Reindeer kebab/Renskav 1 kg. 240,-/kg.

Reindeer kebab/Renskav 400 g. 249,-/kg.

Minced meat/Renfärs 125,-/kg.


Smoked reindeer/Renkött rökt

Souvas steak/Souvas stek 349,-/kg.

Steak sliced/Renstek skivad 500 g. 375,-/kg.

Round steak/Innerlår cold smoked 549,-/kg.

Sausage/Renkorv 600 g. 140,-/kg.

Minced meat/Gourppa 179,-/kg.


Other reindeer/Annat ren

Dried Reindeer/Torkat gravat Renytterfilé 850,-/kg.

Reindeer tounge/Rentunga 189,-/kg.

Reindeer heart/Renhjärta 189,-/kg.

Steak w. bone/Renstek m. ben 195,-/kg.

Soup meat/Soppkött av sida 179,-/kg.

Reindeer racks/Rensadelkotletter 229,-/kg.

Reindeer blood/Renblod 0,5 L. 45,-/0,5 L.


Moose meat/Älgkött

Round steak/Innerlår D to D price/Dagspris,-/kg.

Sirloin/Älgytterfilé 350,-/kg.

Filé/Älgfilé 495,-/kg.

Minced meat/Älgfärs 129,-/kg.

Rump roast/Fransyska 219,-/kg.

Moose kebab/Älgskav 179,-/kg.


Smoked moose meat/Rökt älgkött

Souvas pre cut/Älgsouvasskav 279,-/kg.

Sausage/Älgkorv 140,-/kg.



The berries of Swedish Lapland


During our short but super intens summer months, our forests and wetlands provide us with berries. they all have their specific season to be picked.



Cloudberries/Hjortron 175,-/kg.


And the bonus, Coffée chees!

Coffée cheese/Kaffeost 1 kg. 169,-/kg.

Coffée cheese/Kaffeost 250 g. 189,-/kg.


Pictures by: Frederik Lorentzen and his sidekick..